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Squirrel Buster Finch Bird Feeder.  Guaranteed Squirrel Proof!

Squirrel Buster Finch Wild Bird Feeder


For Both Perching and Clinging Birds

Holds 1 1/2 Quarts / 1.5 Litres of Seed 

  • Guaranteed Squirrel Proof!
  • Easy to Fill
  • Easy to Clean
  • Chew Proof, Rust Proof 
  • Detachable Component Systems
  • Proven Seed Saver Technology
  • Patented Seed Tube Ventilation System
  • 2 Year Hassle Free Warranty

Patented Squirrel Proof Design

Openings in the bottom section of the metal mesh shroud align with the seed tray, providing birds access to the food. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the metal mesh shroud down, closing access to the seed. Squirrels and some large birds are foiled but not harmed in any way

What Birds Will Use This Feeder

Squirrel Buster Finch Users

Finches are very gregarious birds and love to either perch or cling when feeding.  The 4 seed ports on the upper half of the Squirrel Buster Finch provide a surface area for clinging, while the 4 seed ports on the lower half of the feeder provide 4 perches for perching.  You will find a great amount of activity as the birds mover from perching to clinging as they compete for a feeding position.

Freedom to locate your feeder

Now that you no longer have to worry about squirrels, you are now free to locate your feeder just about anywhere. Position your feeder over your favorite window, by your deck or in a nearby tree, for those great close-up views. Use wall brackets, branch and extension hooks to help you hang your feeder.

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