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Squirrel Buster Seed Buster Seed Tray and Catcher

Seed Buster Wild Bird Feeder Tray


The Seed Buster™ raises the standard in everything a tray feeder or seed catcher should be.  Here’s why:

  • Lifetime Hassle Free Warranty
  • Large Tray Feeder
  • Eliminates the Ground Mess
  • Fits all 1” and 7/8” poles
  • Large 20” diameter and 2” depth Catches and Holds Seed
  • Drainage Holes Allows for Aeration and Drainage
  • UV filtered, Recyclable, Heavy Duty Resins
  • Adjustable Collars Permit Countless Positioning of Tray
  • Split Trays for Easy Removal without Removing Feeder
  • Tray Format Increases Bird Traffic

A Clean Feeder Matters

A clean bird feeder is as important to birds as clean dishes are to humans. Grimy bird feeders can be a source of food contamination.  Wild birds will naturally avoid spoiled food. A clean bird feeder will attract more wild birds.

Cleaning Your Feeder

Your Seed Buster™ is designed to be easily dismantled for cleaning.

Always examine your feeder before filling to determine if it requires cleaning.

Frequency of cleaning varies according to climate. In general, hot and humid climates require more frequent cleaning than colder climates

Washing by Hand

Discard any accumulation of wild bird food.  Wash in a solution of dish detergent and warm water. Rinse with a 20% solution of white vinegar and water. Vinegar, a mild, natural disinfectant, will not harm your feeder or the birds.  Make sure all components are completely dry before assembling.

Washing in the Dishwasher

Discard any accumulation of wild bird food.  Place the components of the feeder on the top rack of the dishwasher. Fill both the pre-wash and the main-wash sections of the detergent dispenser with your regular dishwasher detergent. Select either high temperature drying or an air-dry option. Use your regular washing cycle. Upon completion, your feeder will be sanitized and look like new.

Warning: Bird droppings contain contaminants.  Avoid skin contact

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